Spotlight on Ian Josh

Hi Ian, let’s start with work; what does a ‘normal’ day constitute for you?
After taking my youngest daughter to school my day includes meeting with clients, meetings with fellow Directors or just catching up with paperwork.

How long have you been with the company?
17 years

When you were a child, what job did you want to do?
A vision mixer at the BBC

Work in silence or with music, background chatter and noise?
Work with background chatter

What’s your greatest moment working here so far?
Being appointed to the Board!

What’s your drink of choice while you’re working?

And when you’re not working?
JD & Coke

Name the best place you’ve ever visited.

And how about the place that’s currently top of your ‘to visit’ list?
Singapore for the F1 Grand prix

If you have the choice between staying in and going out, which do you normally choose and what do you normally do?
Going out for a curry

What’s the one talent you have that people in your office are unaware of?
I can make my jaw click loudly to the Eastenders tune.

What would your ‘Desert Island’ disc, film and book be?
ABBA Greatest Hits, The Longest Day, I don’t read many books!

Do you prepare well in advance or are you a ‘last minute’ person?
I like to be prepared

Who’d play you in the film of your life?
Bruce Willis

DIY or call an expert?
Call an expert for major work but I can do DIY

If you had to compete at the Olympics, in any event, real or fake, what would you choose?
I would take part in the Olympic “shouting at the kids to put down their iPhone” competition.

Do you ‘do’ Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn? Are they useful?
I look at Facebook and Instagram – just to be nosey.

Physical book or e-book? Do you still buy a paper? Which one?
I don’t really read much, apart from online. I haven’t bought a newspaper for years.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being ‘not at all’, how clued up on technology do you feel you are?