The Enhance experience

Like investing, only better.

We have always believed our clients appreciated the great emphasis Newell Palmer places on client service.

Realising just how important the service element is, both to our clients, and to the very future of our firm, we made two crucial decisions.

Firstly, we decided that client service should no longer be treated as ‘just another part’ of what we do. It had to infiltrate every aspect of our business.

Secondly, we realised we had to avoid ‘resting-on-laurels’ syndrome. We needed to inculcate in the firm a culture of never-ending improvement.

Which is why we created ‘Enhance’ – something that marketing types would call an ‘overall service proposition’.

This is a new brand that is both at the heart of Newell Palmer and all-embracing, covering every aspect of what we do.

Enhance draws together all our client-facing activities under a single concept to produce a truly outstanding client investment experience.

That includes investment strategies and management, communication, client engagement, administrative support, reviews, monitoring, risk profiling and, of course, the creation and design of our model portfolios.

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