Investment Committee

They say two heads are better than one. But, for enhanced investing, we prefer lots of heads, all offering expertise and experience.

The Newell Palmer Investment Committee meets formally on a quarterly basis for both wide-ranging discussions. These include developments in the economy and investment climate and also a detailed look at the current investment strategy.

Tactical asset allocations and fund selection are examined to ensure they continue to be appropriate to prevailing market conditions and to monitor and reassess individual fund choices.

All committee members have good, long term investment experience. We also believe it is vital to have independent input and ‘oversight’ – with this in mind, the Chairman of the Newell Palmer Investment Committee is Toby Ricketts who, in his day job, is CEO of highly respected investment specialists, Margetts Research. You can visit their website here.

Objectivity of members – the combination of input from Margetts and Newell Palmer – is paramount. Decision-making is largely based on our own research which is carried out with the highest level of due diligence and thoroughness.

Third party research will be considered, but decisions won’t be made on the basis of one piece of external research.

Finally, a conflict of interest policy is maintained and enforced to ensure decisions are based on logical and rational thinking

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