Enhance Customer Services

Pulling out all the stops.
Client service with bells and whistles.

Great client service means, more than anything, outstanding personal service, and investing with Enhance delivers exactly that. An investment experience tailored specifically to your needs, which starts with the all-important risk profiling.

Risk profiling is the procedure by which we identify what kind of investor you are and is an absolutely vital first step in the investment process.

Using a combination of psychological metrics, analysis of your stage in life, and your resources we are able create your personal risk profile which is a combination of three elements:

  1. Your willingness to take risk, which is your mind-set, or attitude, to risk. Some people are simply more relaxed about risk that others.
  2. Your need to take risk, which is determined by the investment return you are looking to achieve, and perhaps how much income you are hoping to receive from the resources you have available.
  3. Your ability to take risk, also known as your capacity for loss. The is often viewed as the most important of the three variables.
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