About us

Our philosophy is built on a firm foundation of integrity, professionalism and impartiality. Our success is built on not mentioning it too much.

When you think about your future, your retirement, the rest of your life, does it ever occur to you that your future is actually your financial future.

Because, whatever life throws at you, if you have financial security, just about anything else becomes easier to deal with. And if you don’t have financial security… well, the future is, frankly, rather bleak.

With a twenty-six-year track-record Newell Palmer is one of the largest and fastest-growing Independent Financial Advisers in the West Midlands.

With funds under management in excess of £2.3 billion, Newell Palmer occupies a very strong position within the financial services industry.

But this enviable position was not achieved by endless talk about integrity and professionalism, vitally important as they are. We don’t believe such qualities should be bandied about and treated like a lapel badge or just another selling point.

Instead, they are woven into the fabric of what we do, an integral part of what we deliver for our clients. And that is what makes it possible to build long term relationships with our clients – which has always been the very foundation of our business.

Our financial planning teams operate from three offices, in Wolverhampton, Bromsgrove and Nuneaton providing individuals, enterprises and trustees with expert, bespoke, advice that helps secure their financial futures.

Thanks to the scale of our operation, member companies and their staff across the group are able to leverage the great variety of highly specialist skills, expertise, and local knowledge, that our staff together embody.

The individual qualities in our team members, and the value they add collectively, has led to us achieving Investor in People silver accreditation, which is an achievement at a national level. But it’s not the only such recognition we have received.

In a Financial Times survey from November 2017, Newell Palmer were ranked 49th largest Financial Adviser firm in the UK.

Excusing a slight lack of modesty here, but this is something of an accolade, since most of the places above us were occupied by famous banks and national networks. And, as with our philosophy, that’s the last time we’ll mention it!