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Bank Base Rates

Each month the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee meets to discuss issues surrounding the economy and in particular the likely effects on Inflation. At that meeting they also set the Minimum Lending Rate (MLR). This was originally introduced in 1974 and is the minimum rate of interest charged by the Bank of England to commercial banks should they need to borrow money. Changes to the MLR has the effect of determining changes in the rates of interest charged by commercial lenders when lending to businesses or to members of the public. The table gives details of the last 12 decisions regarding the MLR by the Bank of England. Each line shows the rate decision for the month, the arrows indicate whether the rate is different to the previous month's figure and if so in what direction.

Source: Bank of England.

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Current Bank Base Rate
As at May/13
Index 0.50% same
Src: Bank Of Eng.

Bank Base Rate

Date Rate
May 2013 0.50% No change
Apr 2013 0.50% No change
Mar 2013 0.50% No change
Feb 2013 0.50% No change
Jan 2013 0.50% No change
Dec 2012 0.50% No change
Nov 2012 0.50% No change
Oct 2012 0.50% No change
Sep 2012 0.50% No change
Aug 2012 0.50% No change
Jul 2012 0.50% No change
Jun 2012 0.50% No change
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